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Welcome to Cloth And Hand ~Folk Art~Samplers~Sewing rolls~Sewing Pockets~Cloth Dolls~Heritage Dolls~All hand sewn and created using early, antique nineteenth century calico, homespun, wool, silk, velvet.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Thought As I work

As I work on some new items for our web site, I am thinking about how the Americans of the 19th Century lived. They seemed to be so well educated, they spoke several languages, read with a passion, did immaculate stitching and spoke so eloquantly!  They did not have our modern interferences, no television, no computer, no facebook, no emails, no radio and the list goes on! Time hasn't changed but how we use our time has changed drastically! However, I don't have any desire to live that life BUT I am so fortunate that through the work that I do I have become familiar with how our friends in the past lived day to day...it is truly fascinating!!!Any Thoughts....Fondly, Angela

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