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Monday, May 2, 2011

Quack Quack Here And A Quack Quack There

Spring is officially here.....it just is not really spring until the baby chicks hatch and our baby goats arrive AND TODAY OUR BABY DUCKS ARE HATCHING !!!! YEAH
Our momma duck has been sitting on her nest for 31 days now.  The usual hatching time is 28 days but she has faithfully stuck to her nest through 6 thunder storms...rain, thunder, lightening and hail.  Last Wednesday we had tornado force wind and flash flooding!!  She just sat there knowing the time was near.  I had about given up....I checked her nest yesterday, day 30 and nothing and the eggs were two days late...I almost gave up hope....but today I was over joyed to find small cracks in the duck eggs!
Simple pleasures are what life is all about.  My friend, Angela reminded me today AND IT IS TRUE...A special SMILE....A Hug....The words "I Love You" (say them often) sharing a photo that brings back a flood of memories....New Life...new grand baby, new goat kids, new chicks, new baby ducks.  The joy is there..... search for it every day !!!

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